(Video) ‘Superhero’ Yang Bernama Namewee

Isu ini sekarang hampir popular kerana tindakan seorang superhero 1Malaysia yang dahulunya dikenali dengan pembikin lagu Negarakuku..Ingat?

Ini adalah video terbaru yang dikeluarkan oleh beliau kerana menyerang TNB.

Mungkin dia ‘panas’ sebab TNB tak angkat kol dia. Tambahan plak dia dah memang ‘panas’ tempat dia tidak ada elektrik.

“Bro..memang betul tindakan lu..tapi dengan cara yang betul la..Tak cool la bro..Janggut da stylo..Helmet da macam ultraman”


Dan ini adalah jawapan dari pihak TNB terhadap tindakan HERO beliau tersebut

Dear all friend in Malaysia,
First of all, I would like to introduce myself, I am Maintenance Manager from TNB, I have been serving for TNB for the past 10 years and I am regretful whatever presented in front of you is very untrue…. We have to understand the nature of the electrification supply system, TNB deal with customer in 3 occasions:

1. Customer request for supply, when you have to fill up the forms,
2. Customer pay the bill at counter, Q&A etc..
3. Customer experience supply interuption and call help for supply restoration
In this incidence , Namewee experiece the 3rd condition, the supply interuption in this case is breakdown, ie a force outage due to technical reasons such as:
i. Third party excavation, could be due to developer while installing the box culvert, could be due to utilities companies excavated power cables during their cable/pipe installation.
ii. Sabotaj/vandalism by hero who dare to cut live cable sometime at 11,000Volts and tripped the system,
iii. Force majore such as thunder storm, floods that supply has to be cut off in order to secure people life from electrocuted.

What you see in this short movie are:
1. Namewee ‘Intentionally’make havoc in TNB Muar, he wanted to scold and teach TNB guys a lesson(before leaving his house),
2. He said after he came back to Malaysia he experiece 3 times outages, BUT when dealing to TNB officer he said “MANY Times”, motive is very clear, it’s to agitate the people by taking a good shot.
3. Eventhough the officer has explain this is a breakdown, he still insist for the notification letter and insist to see the superior at 10:10pm,
4. and the rest are cursing, vulgar words, and very uncivilised signages.

What you don’t see perhaps are:
1. What are the people doing in the lorry, why are they working at 10:10pm?
Ans: These are people that assist in the restoration of supply during the event of breakdown, Energy Commission standard for restoration time is 4 hours for Medium Voltage Tripping(below 66KV).

2. Why the officer ‘Kecil’ working 10:10pm in the office & with his colleagues?
Ans: He is not there to eat the banana and minum kopi, he is the technician who monitor the system and get the outage ticket from Call Management Center (CMC) ~15454 and despatch the repair work to the fault finder team. As far as I know, after deliberate of thought, I can’t figure out any other companies in Malaysia can provide 24hrs of service. Tenaga people will go to your house at 3am if you call them at 15454 if you experiece of blackout in your house, but not calling at 06-9532951, this is an office no. No point to call 10 times as the message clearly ask you to call 15454 for any complaints. Perhaps Namewee problem is like Ama that they don’t understand Bahasa Malaysia language. We can understand Ama problem as they migrate from mainland of China , but not Namewee who was born in Muar. We, TNB, are dedicated to “Keeps the Light On” in your house.

3. Why TNB office has supply but no Namewee house?
Ans: If Namewee stay behind of TNB Muar, perhaps this video will not appear. In the actual world, all substations are link by each other, and each substation has to supply to the respective housing area, since he is riding a bike, I assume TNB office is KMs away from his house, and hence if there’s any technical failure on the underground cable or overhead line, therefore TNB officer has to be mobilized to do the isolation of the circuits and taking measurement(insulation testing) of each section of the cables, and all this takes time.


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